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Life is Hard - Don't Make it Harder

Nothing can protect you from having the full human experience.

You can have all of the time and money, tons of help and support and be fully authentic and aligned. And life still happens.

People get sick, the economy goes up and down, Mercury stations retrograde or things just don't go how you'd hoped.

That's life. And it can be hard.

But you're probably making it harder than it has to be if you're

spending lots of time worrying,

dwelling on what's wrong instead of looking for solutions,


comparing yourself to other people,

or spinning in indecision.

Just to name a few.

Those kinds of behaviors make the bad things take up more space and leave less room for the good. They also drain your energy and make it harder to do what fuels and energizes you.

Your Open Centers on your Human Design chart represent the emotions and areas of life that may feel more erratic, inconsistent or harder to manage for you. Understanding that is so important because it allows you to put tools and strategies in place that make your life easier, not harder.

You'll still have the human experience with life's ups and downs but they'll feel a whole lot more manageable.

As a certified life coach and Human Design Expert, I can help you do exactly that, just like I have for hundreds of clients.

Ready to get started? Schedule a consult so we can talk about working together.

During the consult we'll talk about what you're looking for and what's missing. I'll lay out a process to help you get there. And then we'll decide if we want to move forward. Either way, you'll get info about your chart and some strategies you can implement right away.


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