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June 15
7:00 pm Central


Witch's Brew.png

About the Event

Witch's Brew is a monthly virtual cocktail hour hosted by Life Coach and Human Design Expert Amanda Stark. She will open the call by teaching on a topic affecting women while offering tips and advice for overcoming patriarchal conditioning and building self-trust.


She'll then facilitate an open discussion for others to share their experiences and offer support. Coaching will also be available to those who are interested. 

There will be a featured cocktail each month crafted to complement the energy of the evening. The recipe will be emailed to those who register. Each recipe will also include modifications to make a mocktail instead. Making the cocktail/mocktail is optional and not required to participate in the event.

This Month:

Topic - Getting Angry

Cocktail - Feel the Flame

Energy - Restorative Clarity

Register for Witch's Brew

June 15, 2023  7:00 pm Central

You're In!

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