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What Are You Inviting?

My coach shared this sermon by Joel Osteen with our group. It's worth a listen regardless of your religious affiliation or lack thereof.

He says when you start a sentence with "I am..." you are sending an invitation.

So if you say things like:

I am a disaster.

I am a hot mess.

I am such a flake.

I am always behind schedule.

I am stuck in this terrible job.

I am too old to change.

You are sending an invitation to The Universe to give that to you. If you say, "I am always behind schedule" The Universe is going to throw roadblocks in your path to keep you from catching up. If you say, "I am stuck in this terrible job" The Universe is going to show you why you have to stay there.

Do you like what you're inviting?

If the answer is no, it's time to send new invitations!

The first step is to realize when you are sending out those negative invitations. When you catch yourself thinking, "I'm a disaster" - PAUSE. Stop and acknowledge that the thought is there. Then ask yourself these three questions:

  1. Is it true?

  2. Do I want it to be true?

  3. Can I find reasons why it isn't true?

Even if you're inclined to say yes it's true, you can definitely find reasons why it isn't always true. If you're thinking "I'm a disaster", look for ways that you aren't. Did you go to work today? Did you complete one task that you started? Are you wearing pants?

This is important because it shows you that that thought isn't real. It's just something you're making up about yourself. Which opens up the possibility of sending new invitations.

Affirmations invite The Universe to give you what you actually want.

And they retrain your brain to look for ways those new affirmations are true. The trick is to make sure your affirmations aren't too big of a stretch for your brain. If you go from "I'm a disaster" to "I'm totally confident and in control" your brain will treat it as a joke and ignore it.

Instead, a more effective affirmation for now might be "I'm a human" or "I'm a person who has good days and bad days."

Once you choose an affirmation, you need to practice it! You're really, really used to the invitations you've been sending. When you start sending new ones, it takes time before it becomes a habit. When you catch yourself thinking one of your negative thoughts, stop and replace it with your affirmation. You can also dedicate time each day to write or say your affirmations. This can be a certain time of day or when you perform a particular task. I like to say my affirmations when I refill my water.

For example, if you've been thinking, "I am stuck in this terrible job" your affirmation might be "I am capable of finding a new job" or "I am open to new job opportunities". Then start using your affirmation to replace your old thought. You could say it when you log in every morning or when you pull into the parking lot or even when your boss sends you one of those emails.

Start sending the invitation that you're capable and open instead of stuck and see what happens.

If you're skeptical, answer this question. What could it hurt? If you try using affirmations and nothing at all changes, what have you lost? Nothing. But it's possible that opportunities will open up all around you. Isn't that worth trying?


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I’m a certified life coach helping women do the things they think they can't and see opportunities instead of obstacles. I have one on one coaching spots available.


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