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The Broken Record in Your Brain

What stories are you telling yourself on repeat?

Most of you aren't thinking things like -

I am fabulous and beautiful.

I'm managing things well.

I know what I'm talking about and it shows.

Instead the broken record in your brain is always sounding like a version of -

I can't.

I'm not good enough.

Which makes sense because that's how human brains are hard-wired. And on top of that, as a woman you've been conditioned by society to view yourself as a problem to be solved.

But what that really means is you never allow yourself to be happy with who you are and what you're doing. And you end up with a "life sucks and then you die" mentality that keeps you from doing the things that would make your life feel more exciting, fulfilling and magical.

Like my client whose story she told herself on repeat was, "I'm slow". She believed that it took her longer to do things than everyone else.

Because of that, she thought she had to work long hours to get her work done and keep up. So she didn't allow herself to take breaks or quit when her brain was fried. Which of course made her work take longer. She also didn't look for ways to be faster, more efficient or delegate some of her tasks.

All because her broken record was telling her she was slow.

I helped her understand how her open Sacral Center meant that breaks and shorter bursts of work actually made her better and faster at her job. And once she reset that broken record and stopped accepting "I'm slow" as true, she discovered so many new ways to keep up with work without feeling constantly overwhelmed, burned out and exhausted.

I can help you with your repeating stories that are keeping you feeling blah and stuck. Bring them to my Open Coaching Call next week on Wednesday, May 22 at 5pm Central.

When you register I'll ask for your birth info so I can look at your Human Design chart and give you specific, tailored insight.

Experience the magic of coaching and the mind-blowing transformation that comes for using your Human Design.

To respect the privacy of everyone who gets coached, the call won't be recorded so plan to attend live.


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