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The Pressure Is On

Do you believe you get more done when you put pressure on yourself?

I've had several clients tell me that they believe they need to feel pressured and stressed because that's how they get things done. If you feel this way too it's probably because it's how you're used to operating. You're afraid that if you ease up on the pressure everything will fall apart.

The truth is the pressure is just making your own experience worse.

Picture your drive to work (or somewhere else you go frequently if you work from home). Imagine the route you take, the traffic, the stoplights and intersections.

Let's say today you leave the house and you think you're going to be late for a meeting. The route, traffic, stoplights and intersections are the same as they are every day. But today during your drive you're gripping the steering wheel, tailgating the car in front of you, swearing at other drivers for going too slow and grumbling at the red lights. By the time you get to work, you're a sweaty, stressed, grumpy mess.

Now let's picture another day where you drive to work without telling yourself that you're going to be late. The route, traffic, stoplights and intersections are the same. But today during your drive you're listening to your favorite podcast or playlist. You leave plenty of space for other cars to merge in front of you if necessary and acknowledge their thank you wave with one in return. When you get to work, you're relaxed, smiling and ready to start the day.

You made it to work using the exact same steps in both examples. But one drive was a miserable experience and the other was a pleasant one.

You can get the job done without feeling terrible as you do it.

When you know the steps to take, the pressure is unnecessary. You can get to the same place with ease, self-compassion and fun.

Most you, those with the Human Design type of Generators, Manifesting Generators or Projectors, just force things to happen. The strategy of those types requires waiting to respond or for an invitation. When you don't follow your strategy you end up angry, frustrated and burned out. That's on top of the stress and pressure you're telling yourself you need to get things done.

What do you want the experience of your life to be? Stressed, pressured, angry, frustrated and burned out? Or accomplished, satisfied and successful?

I help my clients create the life experience they want by following their own unique design. I can do that for you too.


Are you a successful woman who feels unfulfilled? I can help you reignite your passion and purpose. Now is the time to start living the life you're designed to have! Schedule a consult to learn more about how you can use your Human Design to enjoy your life without the pressure.

During the consult we'll talk about what's missing for you, where you want to be, and the process to get you there. You'll also get a copy of your Human Design chart along with some insights from me that you can start using right away.


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