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Get Rid of Energetic Baggage

Conditioning is what happens when you’re taught how or who to be that’s different from your natural way of being.

The Open Centers (the white ones) on your Human Design Chart show you the areas where you're more susceptible to conditioning. They represent where other people's ideas, energy and expectations have the greatest influence on you.

Think of it like when you're the only person to bring a purse to an outing. You may start out holding only your stuff, but by the end, you're carrying around a lot of other people's sh*t.

That's what happens with your open centers. You accumulate beliefs, ideas and energy that don't belong to you. And if you're not aware that it's happening, you end up with a lot of energetic baggage weighing you down.

That's why it's so important to understand your open centers. Identifying where you take on that baggage means you can sort through what's yours and what belongs to someone else.

To help you do this, I've created affirmations and reminders for each of the centers. You can use these to create awareness of the energetic baggage you're carrying and start letting it go.

When you do, you'll feel so much more confident and secure in who you are and what matters to you. And so much less inclined to worry about and spend time on what other people think you should or shouldn't be doing.

You can find these affirmations all in one place as a highlight on my Instagram page.

Click through to find the ones that apply to you and save them for future reference. (And if you're not following me over there already, make sure you do that too.)

I will also be covering this in more detail along with strategies you can use to clear out the energetic baggage you've been accumulating at the DivaGirl MeetUp on Wednesday, June 5.

Join me at this free, virtual event where I'll walk you through each of the centers and explain how the conditioning in that area may be showing up for you and what to do about it. So you can feel more confident, more secure, and more aligned.

This is some of the most important work I've done for myself and my clients. It's also one of the best ways to experience a real difference in your daily life from Human Design.

I strongly encourage you to attend live if you can, but a replay will be sent to everyone who registers.


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