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Have Fun Experimenting

Yesterday one of my clients wanted coaching on feeling like she had a purpose. She told me that nothing in her life was giving her *that* feeling.

You know, the one where she felt like she was in the right place doing what she was supposed to be doing.

We started by looking at her Incarnation Cross. In Human Design the Incarnation Cross is the storyline of your life purpose. It's not about your job. You can fulfill your purpose regardless of what you do for work.

Understanding it helps you align your energy and time with your purpose in all areas of life.

Based on her chart we explored what she thought would give her *that* feeling. And narrowed it down to two things - creating (physical art or writing) and connection.

Then I asked her to brainstorm some things she could try that would bring those two things together. And she shut down. She didn't want to come up with any ideas.

Because she was worried that what she tried wouldn't be the thing that she was looking for.

She had been telling herself that she couldn't try anything until she knew for sure that it was the exact thing that she was seeking.

But the truth is she wouldn't know until she actually tried them.

So I encouraged her to experiment. We came up with a handful of things that might be it that she was willing to try.

And then let herself have fun in the process of figuring it out. If one of the ideas on her list lights up her soul - fantastic, mission accomplished.

If not, she had fun trying new things and is so much closer to figuring what will than she would be if she hadn't tried.

I invite you to create an experiment of your own.

What is it you're looking for? Fun, Purpose, Connection, Joy, Adventure, Space, Healing, Growth... ?

Once you answer that question, come up with a list of things you could try that might create it for you. Then have fun trying them. No pressure to get it right, just enjoy the process.

As your coach I can help you discover your purpose through exploration of your Incarnation Cross and then figure out what that looks like for you in real life.

Stop spinning your wheels. Let's get started. Schedule a consult so we can talk about working together.

During the consult we'll talk about what you're looking for and what's missing. I'll lay out a process to help you get there. And then we'll decide if we want to move forward. Either way, you'll get info about your chart and some strategies you can implement right away.


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