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What it Means to be Feminine

Based on a conversation I had last week about this 2017 Nike commercial I've been thinking quite a bit about feminine vs. masculine. While these words could be neutral descriptors like black vs. white or hot vs. cold, society hasn't treated them as equal.

Somewhere along the way, feminine became associated with weaker or less than.

Let's look at that commercial. I believe it was well-intentioned and meant to send a positive message.

But I take issue with the fact that the subtext seems to be that she's not just an opera singer (feminine/ less than) she's also a soccer player (masculine/better).

Why can't the little girl be just as celebrated and respected for singing as she is for playing soccer? To me the girls ripping off their nice clothes and showing their athletic gear was just another way of saying that girls can meet the masculine standard. Instead of showing that the feminine activities could be equally valuable.

Have you asked yourself what you value?

I notice my clients attaching importance to masculine standards even when it's not what they actually value for themselves. Things like income, titles and status. When what they actually want is better work/life balance, to be of service and to feel as though their life and work has purpose.

These things aren't mutually exclusive. You can make a lot of money doing something that fills you with purpose and leaves time for other things. But it becomes a problem when you have the things you value but are telling yourself you should have more money, power or status when you don't actually want it.

I'd like to see...

Feminine intuition valued as much as masculine logic

A glittery dress respected as much as a three piece suit

The astrological transits given as much weight as the weather forecast

Where in your life are you using masculine standards when they don't reflect your actual values?

I help my clients make these shifts on an individual level because that's how we become a powerful force to influence society and the collective. Doing this work for yourself is also a way to be in service to others. Working with me will give you insights into your unique Human Design so you can create a purposeful, feminine life aligned with your values. Want some of this magic in your life? Schedule a free consult with me - use the button below - so we can talk about working together.


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