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The Importance of Space

I have a challenge for you.

Allow some space into your day.

I had the long-weekend (Labor Day in the US) to myself and decided to view the alone time as a retreat. I didn't set an agenda or make a list of to-dos. Instead, I told myself that I would check in with my intuition and my body to decide what to do.

Over the course of the weekend, I spent time thinking about all of you and how I could best serve you. I also spent time on a course I'm taking, read two books, watched some TV, worked out, took naps and shopped online.

And I realized how different - and frankly, uncomfortable - it was for me to have so much open space.

So I've challenged myself to allow some space each day. I'll use that space for whatever my body and intuition needs that day at that time. Without judgment.

And I'm inviting you to do the same.

As a Generator with six defined centers, I don't need or want a lot of alone time or space. It was uncomfortable for me to go without a plan, the intent to create certain results each day, or interact with other people.

Depending on your unique Human Design, you may be the same or you may crave a lot of alone time. Either way, my guess is you probably aren't allowing yourself much open, unplanned space even if it's during your time alone.

When you don't have open space and don't check in with yourself and your needs, it's really easy to let the pressure of the outside world, your to-do list and all of the "shoulds" take over. And that's how you lose touch with your purpose and what you truly want.

Being in touch with your own needs, desires and purpose is a skill. And just like any other skill, it takes regular practice and attention. Giving yourself the open space and using it only for what your intuition and body are calling you to that day, is a way to practice that skill.

When you use it in those smaller ways, it gets easier to follow your intuition to do the bigger things too. Do this challenge with me and see what changes and shifts you start to notice. I guarantee it will create some magic for you.

If you want to take it to the next level, you can work with me to learn about your unique Human Design. I will help you discover how your intuition speaks to you and what to do when it does.. I have 1:1 spots available and I would love to be your coach!


Are you ready to work with me? Now is the time to start living the life you're designed to have!

During the consult we'll talk about what's missing for you, where you want to be, and the process to get you there. You'll also get a copy of your Human Design chart along with some insights from me that you can start using right away.

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