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Take Control of Your Emotions

What emotions make you feel out of control?








When we feel out of control of our emotions we typically resist them, react to them or avoid them. Resisting your emotions means you just pretend you don't feel the way you feel. Reacting to them usually means you do or say something that you'll regret later. Avoiding them means you distract yourself, often with something less than ideal- endless scrolling, drinking a glass of wine, then another, then another, or watching all the seasons of an old show. We respond this way because we think we should feel happy all of the time.

The goal is not to feel happy all of the time. The goal is to feel.

Being willing to feel our emotions is how we learn to manage them. To do that, follow these three steps:

1. Awareness

✨ What do you feel?

✨ What thought is causing the feeling?

2. Acceptance

✨ Sit with the feeling. Don't resist it, react to it or avoid it.

✨ Allow yourself to be human which comes with a full spectrum of feelings.

3. Analysis

✨ Do you want to feel this way? Even if the feeling is "negative" the answer might still

be yes! If the answer is no, go back to the thought from step 1. Is it serving you? Is

there a different thought that would serve you better?


Want someone by your side as you work through these steps? I’m a life coach helping women manage their emotions and I have one on one coaching spots available.

What is a life coach? ✨Someone who holds a judgment-free space for you to share your thoughts and feelings. ✨Someone who provides you with a neutral, objective perspective. ✨Someone who believes you can get the results you want and will support you every step of the way. ✨Someone who challenges you to level-up and be the best version yourself. ✨Someone who may say things you won't want to hear, but always says them with love. ✨An investment in yourself that you deserve.

Schedule a free consultation with me to discuss the results you want in your life and find out how I can help. I believe all of us are made up of both sparkle and strength. Let's find yours.


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