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Stop Lying to Yourself

We lie to ourselves all of the time. Sometimes it's funny or silly. Some of my favorites are:

It’s less calories if you eat standing up.

The speed limit is just a suggestion.

Obviously I know those things aren't true, but they make me smile and I'm not tricking myself into believing them.

Some of the lies we tell ourselves are a little bigger:

This weekend I’m finally cleaning out the closet.

These types of lies we tell ourselves so we can feel better. They may feel true in the moment, but we also don't put any weight behind them.

But some lies have been with us so long that they don’t feel like lies. They feel like the truth:

I’m just not good at that.

This is the best I can do.

I don’t know how.

I’m not sure where to start.

It’s too late.

And because they feel like the truth, we don’t question them. We believe they are universally accepted facts.

Believing these lies keeps us from growing and changing. It keeps us stuck. If you’re ready for more in life, it’s time to start questioning these limiting beliefs.

The next time you’re hesitating or letting an opportunity pass you by take a minute to notice the thoughts in your head. Then question them.

Pretend you’re interviewing a suspect in a crime show. Don’t trust anything your brain is saying to you and ask questions. Some great ones are:

· Why?/Why not?

· So what?

· Can I do it anyway?

Or you can pretend you're talking to your best-friend instead of yourself. If she told you those things about herself would you believe her? What would you say to show her that what she's saying isn't true?


Want someone even better than a best friend help you grow and get the results you want? I’m a life coach helping women get unstuck and out of their own way and I have one on one coaching spots available.

What is a life coach? ✨Someone who holds a judgment-free space for you to share your thoughts and feelings. ✨Someone who provides you with a neutral, objective perspective. ✨Someone who believes you can get the results you want and will support you every step of the way. ✨Someone who challenges you to level-up and be the best version yourself. ✨Someone who may say things you won't want to hear, but always says them with love. ✨An investment in yourself that you deserve.

Schedule a free consultation with me to discuss the results you want in your life and find out how I can help. I believe all of us are made up of both sparkle and strength. Let's find yours.


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