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Present in the Here and Now

My word for 2024 is Present.

You can read about my process for evaluating last year and choosing a word for the new year here. But essentially I like to have a word of the year to use as filter for my projects and goals. And as a reminder about how I want to spend my time and energy.

This year I'm going to focus on being in the moment.

Not dwelling on or reliving things that have already happened. Or spending so much time planning a fantasy future that I forget that even when I hit my goal or milestone, I'll still be a human woman living in a patriarchal society with dog hair on my pants and bills to pay.

I've noticed that I have a tendency to do both of those things more than I'd like.

Of course it can be helpful to evaluate and learn from the past. And planning for the future in order to evolve and grow is important.

But this year, my focus is on getting out of the hypotheticals and what-ifs in my mind (hello, defined Head Center) and being present, mind and body, in the here and now.

This year I plan to use my word by:

Replacing thoughts that start with "When I can/have/achieve" with "Today I can/have/will".

Single-tasking. Instead of trying to do a little bit of everything every day, I'm restructuring my schedule to have longer blocks of time for different tasks and activities throughout the week.

Putting down my phone, book or household task when one of my kids is talking to me.

Saying yes to more spontaneous and last-minute plans. (This one feels the hardest for me!)

What's your word for 2024?

I can help you use your word to set goals and intentions for 2024 and then stay focused on them until they're achieved. We'll dive into your Human Design chart so you'll have a personalized strategy for getting from where you are to where you want to be. And I'll support you with coaching, accountability and witchy tips and magic along the way.

As a coach, I have helped hundreds of clients create more magic, joy, purpose and fulfillment in their lives and I can help you do that too. Schedule a consult so we can talk about working together.

During the consult we'll talk about what you're looking for and what's missing. I'll lay out a process to help you get there. And then we'll decide if we want to move forward. Either way, you'll get info about your chart and some strategies you can implement right away.


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