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It's All About the Details

We entered Virgo season early Tuesday morning which means right now is all about the details.

Start looking for small shifts you can make.

Check the nooks and crannies of your life - the areas you usually ignore or overlook - for something that isn’t working and change it.

Some ideas…

  • Commit to leaving work/shutting down 15 min earlier to add extra space in your day.

  • Ask someone else to take on a minor task that you hate doing to release some mental energy.

  • Say no to someone or something just because you don’t want to do it to practice self-trust.

  • Organize a desk drawer, a kitchen cabinet or a corner of your closet to reduce visual clutter.

Look at your physical and mental routines and environment with a critical eye and determine what needs to change.

Even tiny shifts can have a big impact.

What details in your life need attention?


Are you ready to work with me? Now is the time to start living the life you're designed to have!

During the consult we'll talk about what's missing for you, where you want to be, and the process to get you there. You'll also get a copy of your Human Design chart along with some insights from me that you can start using right away.


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