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It Does Make a Difference

Today, November 8, is midterm election day in the US.

For many, many years, even though I always voted, I did it with the belief that my vote didn't really matter. I know I'm not alone. With the party system, the electoral college for Presidential elections, and the sheer number of people voting it can be easy to tell yourself that one vote doesn't make a difference.

But let's zoom out for a minute and look at the compound effect. Maybe it's true that your individual vote doesn't change any election results. But what if everyone reading this decided that their vote didn't matter? What if everyone in your city or your state decided the same thing?

All of you individually contribute to the difference we can make as a collective.

This isn't only true in elections.

When you don't put your name in for a promotion at work, there are fewer women in leadership roles in the world. Which means there is a decreased chance to change the masculine culture of the work force leading to fewer benefits for working mothers and less flexibility for families.

When you stay in a relationship that makes you feel small and unimportant, you demonstrate to your children or the people in your orbit that it's okay to have a power imbalance in partnerships and that women's wants, needs and opinions matter less.

When you settle for anything in your life that feels less than because you're telling yourself what you have is "not that bad" or "good enough", you perpetuate the dynamic that women should put everyone else ahead of themselves.

I'm not saying this to shame or judge you. We have all been there and we have all done it.

Often you do this because you believe that it only impacts you and doesn't have a ripple effect on the collective. It shows up as sneaky thoughts like...

It's selfish if I only think about myself.

I'm just one person so it doesn't really matter.

I'm the only one who suffers.

No one pays attention to what I do.

The problem is we've all been socialized to believe this. So too many of women aren't making the individual changes that would start making a huge difference in the world.

The truth is your individual decisions and changes do matter and they do have an impact on those around you. Just like your vote.

I believe you are meant for a fulfilled, purposeful, magical life. And that when you do that, you open the door for all of the women around you to do it too.

Let's get started. I have 1:1 coaching spots available. When you work with me, we'll use your unique Human Design to set your goals and intentions and then create a game plan of intuitive, aligned action to get you from where you are now to the fulfilling, purposeful life you deserve. Start making a difference for you and everyone around you.


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