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Inspiration from Dancing with the Stars

On Sunday night my daughters and I went to see Dancing with the Stars on tour. 💃 I'm a huge fan of the show and it was just as much, if not more, fun to watch it in person.

My daughters are 13 and 15. At the end of the show they both turned to me and said "that was really cool!" #momwin Which got me thinking... if you had told me when I was 13 that not only would I watch ballroom dancing for fun on TV, but that I would pay money to see a live show, I would have said you were crazy. 😜

Back then I thought ballroom dancing was just something old people did at my cousins' weddings.

So why are the show and the tour such a hit? And why do I love it so much?

Obviously all of the sparkles are a huge factor. But more importantly...

The pros and judges have an obvious passion for what they do.

It exudes out of them. None of them are just going through the motions in order to get paid. And it shows.

That's why they're able to take celebrities with no dance experience and turn them into winning dancers. When you're passionate about something you can't help but want to include others and share your joy with them.

When was the last time you felt that way? What were you doing?

Then there's the celebrities. 🌟Of course it's fun to watch your favorite Olympian, Peloton instructor or sitcom actress in a competition.

But the real magic is watching them go from clumsy and terrified to confident and commanding.

My favorites are the ones with little or no dance experience that really stretch themselves to learn something new. And I've noticed the ones who do best 🏆take the feedback from the judges as instruction, not criticism.

I'm sure there are plenty of celebrities that turn down the opportunity to be on the show because they're afraid of being judged. Or they're worried that they won't be good at it because they've never done it before.

But then they miss out on the opportunity to get a "10 from Len" or take home the Mirrorball Trophy.

What are you avoiding out of fear of judgment? What opportunities are you missing as a result?

As your coach, I can help you overcome the fear of judgment and do the things you're passionate about. During the six months we work together, you'll also get:

🧠Weekly coaching

🔮Human Design insight


🧙‍♀️Witchy practices

Schedule a consult to get started.

During the consult we'll talk about what you're looking for and what's missing. I'll lay out a process to help you get there. And then we'll decide if we want to move forward. Either way, you'll get info about your chart and some strategies you can implement right away.


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