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Does This Week Feel Intense?

If things are feeling extra intense for you this week, you're not alone. The astrology right now is fiery and tumultuous. As the week goes on, you should start to feel calmer and better able to address the stressors that arise.

In the meantime, you can check out what gates are in Mars on your chart.

Mars is the primary driver of this astrological shit show, so it's and indicator of where in your life you'll feel things disrupted or out of whack.

This is the symbol for Mars and the first number is the number of the Gate housing Mars in your chart. In my chart, Mars is in Gate 64. The red symbols and numbers on the left of your chart represent your Unconscious Design. These are your intrinsic personality traits.

On the right hand side, the black numbers represent your Conscious Design. These are your developed traits that probably feel less engrained in your personality and more within your conscious control. In my chart, my Conscious Mars is in Gate 44.

Remember, your chart is a tool you can use to increase awareness about yourself, not a way to limit you or your capabilities.

It's also just a guideline. When the weather forecast predicts rain, it's a good idea to bring an umbrella. But it doesn't mean you'll be caught in a thunderstorm.

However, when you understand your Human Design chart and anticipate where you might encounter challenges or stress, you can be more prepared. And be more compassionate with yourself when things feel hard.

I've spent yesterday and today reminding myself to have compassion for how I'm feeling. For me, this crazy astrology is creating feelings uncertainty about my relationships based on what I've experienced in the past. I'm reminding myself that this is just a moment in time and I don't need to react to this cosmic energy.

The same is true for you when things feel difficult. Remind yourself that it's a moment in time. Pause and take a deep breath. Let yourself feel the feelings without judgment.

When you work with me, I provide insight into your chart and unique Human Design to help you be prepared for the challenges that life and the cosmos have to offer. And use your strengths to create big, amazing, purposeful lives. Want some of this magic in your life? Schedule a free consult with me - use the button below - so we can talk about working together.


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