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Decision Time

Yesterday I coached a client on listening to her intuition to make a decision. Prior to meeting with me, she had been going back and forth in her mind for several days without feeling confident that she knew what was right for her. By the end of our session she had come to a clear decision using the process that I walked her through.

I'm going to teach you the process so you can use it any time with any decision.

My client received an email last Friday offering her an opportunity. Her immediate response was excitement and she knew she wanted to say yes.

This client is a Generator with a Sacral Authority so she was set up for success in this situation [You can read more about Human Design Authority in Step 3 of this post.] She had received an invitation in the email which allowed her to follow her strategy as a Generator and respond. Her Sacral Authority means her intuition speaks to her once and she should listen.

But she didn't commit right away. She kept thinking about it, wavering between yes and no, and doubting her initial yes. While she thought about it, all of the normal doubts and fears had crept in.

Can I do this?

Do I have enough time?

What if it doesn't work out?

Should I wait until I feel more ready?

If she'd acted according to her Human Design, she would have a been a clear yes right away.

But by the time I talked to her yesterday she was spinning out in indecision and no longer in touch with her intuition. In order to reach a decision that felt aligned and comfortable for her now, we worked through my decision making process.

What would it be like if you said yes?

I asked her to specifically describe what she imagined her experience would be like if she said yes. What she would do and how it would look in her life. I had her explore both the best and the worst case scenario.

What would it be like if you said no?

We repeated the process again imagining her experience if she said no to the opportunity or decided to wait until a later time to say yes. Again, we looked at both the best and worst case scenario in specific detail.

How does each one feel?

Then I had her close her eyes and imagine making each decision - both yes and no - and tell me what feelings and emotions she felt. She told me that if she were to say yes she would feel energized and if she said no she would feel relaxed.

Which feeling would move you towards your ultimate goal?

Then I had her think about her long-term goal and asked her which feeling would help her reach her goal. Was she more likely to do what she needed to do if she was feeling relaxed or energized?

She knew right away that feeling energized was the best way to get to her goal. Once she came to that realization her decision was clear - she would say yes.

Even when you're following your Human Design strategy you can use this process to check in and make sure you're listening to your intuition correctly. It also helps you build trust in yourself and your ability to make clear, confident decisions.

I can help you learn how to use your unique Design for you so you can say yes to what's right for you and no to what isn't.

Are you a successful, career-driven women who feels unfulfilled? I can help you reignite your passion and purpose. Now is the time to start living the life you're designed to have! Schedule a consult to learn more about how you can use your Human Design to trust your intuition and make confident decisions.

During the consult we'll talk about what's missing for you, where you want to be, and the process to get you there. You'll also get a copy of your Human Design chart along with some insights from me that you can start using right away.


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