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Create Smoother Transitions

How often do you find yourself sitting with your partner and family at night still thinking about work? Or sitting at your desk thinking about all of the grocery list or holiday shopping?

This happens because you haven't signaled to your brain that it's time to transition.

You have transitions throughout the day every day as you move from home to work and back. And if you work from home you may transition more frequently and with less clarity as you take care of personal and household tasks during the day.

When you transition your body without a clear signal to your brain, your mind doesn't know where to direct your focus and attention. So you end up on the couch at night thinking about your upcoming work presentation. Or at your desk thinking about the baskets of unfolded laundry accumulating at home.

You've probably been told that this is just part of life. That all women have this problem and there's nothing you can do about it. But that's not true. There is a solution.

Create transition rituals as you move from one state of being to another.

These rituals will train your brain to know when you move from work to personal time or any other transition.

Here are a few examples of my transition rituals that you can take inspiration from or adopt for yourself:

🔮As I sit down at my desk to start working, I pick up my selenite crystal and center myself with the words clarity and focus. This tells my brain it's time to coach and direct my mental energy to serving my clients and caring for my business.

🕯️When I'm done working for the day, I light candles in my living room and grab my cozy blanket. That way my mind knows it's time to release thoughts about work and bring my focus to me and my family.

🎵My partner (or The Science Teacher as I refer to him on Instagram Stories) lives about 20 minutes away from me. I have a playlist that I made specifically for driving to his house. Listening to those songs signals to my brain that I'm moving into girlfriend mode. By the time I get to his house I've left the day behind and am only thinking about him and our relationship.

Your transition rituals don't need to be complicated or elaborate. They can be as simple as taking your blue light glasses on and off. Or putting both feet on the ground and taking three deep breaths.

But by implementing these simple rituals for your transitions, you'll be more present in everything you do, have so much more mental energy and get more done.


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During the consult we'll talk about what's missing for you, where you want to be, and the process to get you there. You'll also get a copy of your Human Design chart along with some insights from me that you can start using right away.


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