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52 Weeks

When I finished my workout this morning my Peloton rewarded me with a badge because I have logged an activity every week for 52 weeks.

Which got me thinking about self-care. What it is and what it isn't.

When you think of the term self-care what probably comes to mind is spa days and other things that you likely do pretty infrequently, if at all.

But self-care is actually doing things for yourself on a regular basis that protect your energy and nourish your soul.

And by regularly, I don't mean once a year. Or even once a month.

I'm talking about things you do on a daily and weekly basis that help you feel supported, calm and balanced. Like working out at least once a week for a year, even if sometimes it's only for 10 minutes.

Think of it like this. If you go on a yoga retreat for three days and while you're there you do yoga multiple times a day, meditate, eat healthy food and turn your phone off, you're going to feel amazing. For those three days.

If you don't have self-care rhythms and routines that you follow regularly that feeling won't last.

Because without those, once the retreat is over you'll be back to sitting hunched over your computer, skipping your workouts and shoving some takeout into your mouth while you reply to messages on Slack.

The daily and weekly practices have a much bigger and longer lasting impact because they are part of your regular life. And they make the spa days and yoga retreats feels like a fun bonus, not a necessary escape from reality to save your sanity.

Choose some things to add into your days and weeks that feel like real self-care to you. They don't have to be elaborate or time consuming.

Some ideas that you've probably thought of are exercising, meditating, reading, going for walks and things of that nature. But others that you might not have considered are things like cleaning up the kitchen before bed because you feel better when you start the day with clear counters and an empty sink. Or looking at your calendar on Sunday night and planning out the week ahead so you don't feel overwhelmed and chaotic throughout the week.

I always think of cleaning my house as self-care. Because while I don't love the act of cleaning I feel calmer and more at ease in a clean home.

Another fantastic opportunity for self-care is weekly meetings with me as your life coach. It's time devoted 100% to you and helping you feel like a priority in your own life. We'll use your Human Design to make sure that your self-care routines and everything else work with your energetic make up and natural alignment, not against it.

As a coach, I have helped hundreds of clients create more magic, joy, purpose and fulfillment in their lives and I can help you do that too. Schedule a consult so we can talk about working together.

During the consult we'll talk about what you're looking for and what's missing. I'll lay out a process to help you get there. And then we'll decide if we want to move forward. Either way, you'll get info about your chart and some strategies you can implement right away.


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